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My Bucket List lets you easily create and manage a list of your life goals.


Our website features allows you to easily create and manage a list of your life goals. With you can:

  • Make a List of your life goals
  • Invite friends to view your list
  • Help friends Achieve their goals
  • Cross Items off your to do list
  • Share photos and videos
  • Create groups and Invite friends
  • Plan and Invite friends to events allows you to create and maintain a list of life goals. You may have these goals as either public or private. then uses a social network engine of friends and vendors to help you achieve those goals.

For example, one of your goals may be to learn to Skydive. will match that goal with those of your network of friends, and suggest other users of that have a similar goal. will then match your goal with vendors who may present special offers, or coupons that can help you - and those you've chosen to assist you - complete your goal.

As you complete your goals, different achievement badges can be unlocked within the system.

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