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Start your Bucket List lets you easily create and manage a list of your life goals. It's fun and easy to create events and invite your friends to help. Unlock badges, share your ideas, photos and videos of you and your friends achieving your dreams.

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What is a Bucket List?

A Bucketlist is a list of life goals that you would like to achieve before you kick the bucket.

Make a List of Your Life Goals

Create a List of the most important things you would like to accomplish in your life time.

Invite friends to view your List

Use Social Media to invite friends to view your Bucketlist. Send Email invites to close friends and family members across the world.

Cross Items off your list

Let users know what goals you have completed from your list. Mark your goals complete.

Share Photos and Videos

Upload your Bucket list photos and videos. Share them easily with friends.

Create Groups and Invite Friends

Create bucket list groups and plan events for your group members.

Help friends with their goals

Find users with similar life goals. Help your friends achieve their goals.

Create your Bucketlist!

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Bucket List Ideas

Some of our most popular bucket list ideas:

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