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Create your ads through our Advertising Center and choose categories and keywords to bid on. Your ad will appear alongside the interests of our members, you can even target your ads by geographic location.

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Our newsletter and automated digests are sent periodically to members. You can target specific interests, demographics, or geography with your ads. Contact for more information.

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We send out weekly sponsored emails. Reach a targeted group (geography or interest) or all of our members with a sponsored email blast.  Contact for more information.

Promotions and Giveaways

Build your Brand! Got something to giveaway to our users? Want to promote a new product to a targeted audience? Use My Bucketlist to reach new audiences or simply reconnect with your existing customers. for info.

Contests and Competitions

Want to engage our users and build your brand name? Co-Sponsor a contest with My Bucketlist and reach a whole new audience.  Contact for info.

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